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29th-Jan-2009 07:19 pm - Cyberia v2.0 - new date & new home!
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Cyberia now has a new home: cyberia_v2

28th-Nov-2008 02:36 am - The triumphant return of cyberia!
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Grab your glowsticks, as it's time to welcome back Cyberia - this Friday, Teviot Underground.

Not only will there be a range of EBM, industrial, synthpop, and darkwave etc with old and guest DJs, but free sweets for everyone and glowsticks for the first 100!

Friday 28th November 10pm-3am
Teviot Underground
£5 (£4 edgar) half price before 11!

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19th-Feb-2008 05:28 pm(no subject)
Cyberia next Friday!

The club returns in full-force with a military themed* night, playing harsh industrial, EBM, dark techno and more against arresting militaristic visuals. One not to be missed!

*you are positively encouraged to dress up for this, but obviously use common sense and don't bring weapons or the like! :P

Location: Teviot Underground
Date: Friday 29th February
Time: 10pm - 3am
Price: £5/£4 (EdG&R members) entry- HALF PRICE before 2330 or in uniform
18+ only, I.D required by all
7th-Nov-2007 02:27 am - Cyberia 9/11/07
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Cyberia is upon us once again, featuring the welcome return of DJ Gether_than_Thou.

As usual synthpop/ebm/electro/darkwave will combine with epic visuals and a cheap bar to keep you dancing all night!

Where: Teviot Underground, Edinburgh
When: Friday 9th November, 10pm-3am
Entry: £5 (£4 Edgar members)

Websites: www.myspace.com/cyberiaedinburgh + www.edgarsoc.com/cyberia

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Cyberia is here once again to ignite your senses with EBM, Electro, Synthpop and Industrial set against Teviot's cheap student bar.

With special guest DJ Colin (Neon).

When: Friday 12th October, 10pm-3am, Teviot Underground
Entry: £5 (£4 Edgar members)

17th-May-2007 03:57 pm(no subject)

Cyberia 180507
This Friday

Teviot Underground

£5/£4 EDG&R/GLAM Entry

Guest DJ Lucy*Fur from Chimera/Flux

Hells yeah, it's that time again! Cyberia tomorrow night, with myself, DJ Procyon, and DJs CyberSlut, Technomancer, Parasyt and guest DJ Lucy Fur playing all the best in industrial, EBM, electro and much more, and as always complimented wonderfully by cutting-edge futuristic and anime inspired visuals by the 25th Century VJs!
Cheap drinks, not-so-cheap thrills and all the rest you expect, and hopefully some stuff you don't, for a fiver!!
Get your polygonal arses down to Cyberia tomorrow night, for some top-notch 16-bit fun - it's a videogames special in which you're all encouraged to come dressed as that pixellated hero of your mis-spent youth! Prizes given for best, and most obscure costumes!
All this, along with the choicest new industrial and electronic music (and quite possibly some NintedoXcore too!) from DJs Technomancer, Cyber-Slut, Parasyt, and myself, Procyon, along with the usual stunning futuristic live visuals from the 25th Century VJs!! All this for a fiver? Hell yeah!

Be there AND be square!


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Cyberia brings you a sublime mix of EBM, Aggrotech, Synthpop and Electronica, enhanced by innovative visuals and a cheap student bar.

DJ Parasyt's first night as the new organiser will be Video Game themed - come dressed up as your favourite character, and win prizes for the best and most obscure costumes!

Date: Friday 20th April
Time: 10pm - 3am
Location: Teviot Underground, Edinburgh
Price: £5 (£4 Edg&r members)
photo ID required for entry

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15th-Mar-2007 09:26 pm - Chimera
Just a reminder that Chimera is on tomorrow (Friday) night at Teviot, playing Industrial, Darkwave, EBM, Electronic and Alternative Music.

Myspace Page is here

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11th-Mar-2007 11:16 am(no subject)
Weeey! I'm finally on Club_Cyberia!!
Thank fook for that :D
Roll on the next Cyberia!
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